July 27, 2021

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United States.  The Department of Transportation has banned the sale of air tickets to Belarus

United States. The Department of Transportation has banned the sale of air tickets to Belarus

U.S. officials have been considering the ban for several weeks. However, this is a symbolic move, because not many Americans Plane Passenger airlines fly directly to Belarus.

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Pythagoras on sanctions against Belarus: For now, Putin and Lukashenko have one to zero

Prohibition on the sale of direct and integrated tickets to Belarus

Department of Transportation In the United States Banned both Flights Direct and integrated. It was launched after Belarusian authorities detained and forced a plane to land, according to a statement. Ryanair Flies above the borders of that country. In this machine was a Belarusian opposition activist Roman Protoziev, who was arrested.

Similarly, in the case of the recommendation to avoid surpassing Belarus, most U.S. air carriers use other airstrips in this area Europe.

These restrictions and recommendations do not apply to cargo aircraft such as US global courier companies.

China and Russia do not reject a military alliance. Putin commented

Ryanair with Roman Protasiev forced the ice of the plane

On Sunday, May 23, Belarusian services forced an emergency landing of a Ryanair plane flying from Athens to Vilnius in Minsk. He was on board Roman Protestantism, Co-founder of the opposition Nexta channel. The man and his accomplice, Sofia Sabica, were arrested.

Antelica BorisAntelica Boris has been remanded in custody for 100 days. His health deteriorated

The case that detained the opposition next.gazeta.pl Dr. Adam Eberhardt, director of the Center for Eastern Studies, commented: “Lukashenko wants to reinforce the message to his own community that no one will be safe (…) even if he is granted asylum abroad and does not come to Belarus. The purpose is to intimidate.

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