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United States. The passenger wanted to enter the cockpit. The plane made an emergency landing

United States.  The passenger wanted to enter the cockpit.  The plane made an emergency landing

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Green Mountain. Police are following the driver. The 17-year-old had 1.7 milliliters of alcohol in his body

Plane Passengers Airlines Delta hosted the show on Friday Of course From Los Angeles to Nashville. During the flight, one of the passengers tried to enter the cockpit. His behavior contributed to the emergency landing of the machine at the airport in Albuquerque, New Mexico. “Washington Post“.

3.5 hours from New York to London with United Airlines supersonic jets

United plane crashes. The aggressive passenger was detained

The aggressive man was beaten by the cabin crew and fellow passengers, then tied up and taken to the back of the plane. The event was recorded by a mobile phone, and the recording was obtained by CBS News. The person demanded that the plane be stopped.

Delta Airlines and law enforcement agencies have failed to explain what caused the occupation. However, no one was injured in the incident. The plane crashed safely in Albuquerque, where the man was stopped by police and the plane continued its flight to Nashville, the company said. Reuters.

EU introduces embargo on Belarusian airlines (illustrative photo)The European Union has introduced an embargo on Belarusian airlines

The Federal Aviation Agency has a policy of intolerance to passengers

Refers to the Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) Passenger aggression cases and more. According to its data, it has been flying in the US since January 2021 Flights In the territory In the United States There were about 2.5 thousand people. Cases of aggressive behavior of passengers, of which 1.9 th. Incidents are about the duty to cover the mouth and nose with a mask. In comparison, in previous years there were only 100-150 passenger occupation cases per year.

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The Federal Aviation Agency has adopted a zero tolerance policy and imposes severe financial penalties and imprisonment for threatening team members and other passengers. The maximum fine in 2021 is 52,000. Dollars – The passenger entered the cockpit and tried to attack the flight attendant.

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