September 22, 2021

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United States. Thousands of false vaccination certificates have been blocked in Alaska

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents have seized more than 3,000 fake Govt-19 vaccination certificates in Alaska’s English. The parcel belonged to China.

“The printing of certificates was substandard, but very similar to the actual Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) certificates issued to vaccinated people,” the CBP report said.

Reuters recalls the seizure of false certificates in Memphis, Tennessee last week. The parcel was shipped from China.

Certificates must be distributed throughout the United States

– Seizing these fake cards is important for the security of the American community. (1) Maintaining the well-being of our Alaskan residents is one of the many and diverse responsibilities that CBP proudly undertakes, the Director of Anchorage Airport stressed.

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According to Deputy Director Kimberly Fernandez, fake cards do not belong to Alaska. He said the address was located elsewhere across the United States and an investigation was underway.

International Airport. Ted Stevens, based in FedEx Corp. with a headquarters in Ted Stevens, ranks fourth in the world in terms of handled inventory.

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