October 21, 2021

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United States.  Trump at the first rally after the election.  What did he say?

United States. Trump at the first rally after the election. What did he say?

Donald Trump attended a rally in the suburbs of Cleveland in Wellington, Ohio. The pretext for meeting voters is to support Max Miller in the Republican primary.

Trump: The Biden administration is a disaster

The former US president spoke harshly about the new US government. – They allow themselves to be humiliated. States laugh at America again – he tried to persuade. He also found management Biden Total disaster. Crime is on the rise, illegal immigrants are flooding our borders, schools are instructional camps, China, Russia and Iran are humiliating us. Biden is destroying our country right before our eyes, warning that in 2024, because of the actions of the President, the United States should not be.

The politician said that when he was the host of the White House, he had great relations with Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping and Kim Jong Un.

A large part of his speech Donald Trump He was dedicated to the issue of immigration. “Other countries are opening their prisons and sending people to our borders because no one is checking them out there,” he said.

United States. Will Trump run in the 2024 election?

Speaking to his supporters in Cleveland, Trump signaled his intention to run in the next presidential election in 2024. – We have won the election twice, and we have a chance to win a third time – referring to the conspiracy theory he promoted as the winner in last year’s elections, “stolen” from him by Democrats.

Trump reiterates his findings, ignoring the fact that there are no lawsuits filed by his election staff over alleged fraud. At a rally in Cleveland, Trump announced that he would “rescue” both the Republican House of Representatives and the Senate in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

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