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United States. U.S. Senate pulls out of new sanctions on North Stream 2

United States.  U.S. Senate pulls out of new sanctions on North Stream 2

Fifty-five senators, including six Democrats, voted in favor of the bill, which was proposed by Republican Senator Ted Cruz. There were 46 against, including Republican Rand Paul. Within 15 days of the law being passed, a draft ban on the gas pipeline operator was issued.

The referendum, as a result of an agreement between Cruz and the Democrats, allowed the plan to vote in favor of Cruz’s decision to block ambassadorial appointments for President Joe Biden.

The failure of the plan, among other things, is the pressure of the White House to persuade Democrats, who previously backed a majority of sanctions, not to intervene in diplomatic efforts to resolve the crisis with Russia. The Biden administration also argued that sanctions could undermine the agreement with the German government to suspend the NS2 in the event of a Russian occupation. Ukrainian authorities were forced to accept the bill.

During the pre-poll debate, Cruz accused Democrats of voting against him because Joe Biden is now president, not Donald Trump. He added that “if Russia invades Ukraine, it may be because the US Senate ignored the request of our Ukrainian allies.” In turn, Bob Menendez, chairman of the Democratic Foreign Committee, accused Cruz of being cynical and said the imposition of sanctions could be a pretext for Russia to launch an invasion.

On Wednesday, Menendez announced that his own draft sanctions would be severed from the NS2 and Russia’s SWIFT system, which has broader controls against Russian energy and financial institutions and provoked during the Russian invasion. The project has been approved by the White House.

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