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United States. Unprecedented flooding in Yellowstone. The park is closed to visitors

Unprecedented flooding in Yellowstone Park, USA The water level in the rivers rose sharply due to heavy rains with rapidly melting snow. Many bridges are broken and some roads are impassable. Many places are cut off from the rest of the world.

Many areas within Yellowstone National Park are without electricity. Most of the buildings and park infrastructure have been destroyed.

Park officials said no one was injured and the damage and damage are estimated. There is no information on the number of people evacuated from the park during the floods. Yellowstone National Park is completely closed to visitors.

Landslides and rising rivers, including the Yellowstone River, the largest river in the world due to melting snow, storms and heavy rains. Floods are almost historically significant as there has been no such water level for decades.

Unprecedented flood

Yellowstone Park is spread over three states: Wyoming, Montana and Idaho. The worst situation for the people of the state of Montana. Near the confluence of the Yellowstone and Gardner rivers near the entrance to Yellowstone Park, water cut off the road to the town of Gardiner, home to about 900 people.

It also blocks the flow of water to the cities of Cook City and Livingston. Cory Motis, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Montana, said: “This is the worst flood in our lifetime.

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The Yellowstone River at Corwin Springs Test Point touched 4.2 meters on Monday, more than the previous record of 1918 at 3.5 meters.

The house is gone

A resident of Gardiner City, who was severely affected by the elements, recorded the moment when one of the houses completely floated in the waves of the swollen Gardner River.

Video: Massive flood in Yellowstone. Part of the city is cut off from the rest of the world

Weather events forced park officials to close immediately. Flooding occurred just before the Yellowstone’s 150th anniversary and shortly before the first season without any epidemic controls.

laf / sgo / AP / Reuters

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