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Unusual phenomena in the sky in August. Perseid Night from TVP Nauka

„Noc Perseidów”: 12.08.piątek godz. 20.00 (fot. TVP Nauka)

“Perseid Night” – August 12 at 20.00 on The first broadcast will be TVP Nauka, the TVP channel that disseminates knowledge, which will begin broadcasting on October 3, 2022. The broadcast from the Astronomical Observatory in Truszczyny will be available on the home page of Telewizja Polska.

scenery in the sky. The moon and the five planets are “arranged” according to their distance from the sun.

In the last days of June, we can observe in the sky a unique phenomenon of the conjunction of the five brightest planets of the solar system, and this is in …

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– TVP Nauka invites you to follow him live starry night From the beautiful starry sky Nicholas Copernicus. “Meteor shower” is the colloquial name for a meteor phenomenon. They are all kinds of cosmic matter, which in the case of Perseids is usually about the size of a grain of sand. When this crumb enters the Earth’s atmosphere, it heats up and burns due to friction with its atoms. And for a moment we see a trace of this phenomenon in the form of a flash in the dark sky – says Robert Zag, director of TVP Nauka, creator of “Perseid Night” at The observatory in TruszczynachWhich will explain to viewers, together with experts, the wonderful phenomena that can be observed on the August night in the sky.

a. Andrei Nidzelsky of Nicholas Copernicus University, discoverer of exoplanets, will introduce viewers to the unsolved mysteries of distant planets orbiting other stars and the exciting challenges that await scientists exploring the universe, Prof. Łukasz Wyrzykowski of the University of Warsaw will reveal the secrets Mission Gaia – the European Space Agency’s unmanned space probe, which provided information about more than 1.8 billion stars in the Milky Way.

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Guests at Truszczyny will also be: Magdalena Pilska-Piotrowska from the Astronomical Observatory in Olsztyn and Jacek Drążkowski from Gwiazdopatrzni in Lidzbark Warmiski. Both will present meteorites that came to Earth from different parts of our solar system.

About the latest scientific discoveries, including the result of the work of the latest space telescope, Dr. will tell her. Maciej Mikołajewski. The studio will also host science promoters: Przemysław Rudź, who will present the latest plans for the conquest of space by humans and the participation in it of the Polish space sector, and Michał Juszczakiewicz – an expert on the life of Nicholas Copernicus, who will present the large-scale introduction of the unknown Postulates Astronomer in the field economics.

Hounds and a mysterious being. Signs of a planet beyond our galaxy

The Chandra X-Ray Orbiting Telescope has detected signs that could lead to the discovery of the first planet outside the Milky Way where it is located…

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– The first broadcast will show us the nature of the antenna, which will be on October 3rd. Thanks to us, viewers will be able to live participation in important scientific events presenting the achievements of Polish and world scientists. On the TV channel and on our website, we will also present the exciting issues faced by researchers in the fields of science, natural sciences, technology, technology, environment, medicine, earth sciences and social sciences. We will also be active participants in the scientific debate. TVP Nauka will broadcast documentaries and programs to spread knowledge, and there will also be an exciting science game show. We invite you to visit our site – says Robert Zag, Director of TVP Nauka.

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Perseid Night is a unique event not only for astronomy lovers. Every year we notice meteor showers in the night sky. Fragments of cosmic rocks exploded in the Earth’s atmosphere at great speed, leaving behind luminous streaks. The most famous meteor showers Perseids. We can usually monitor them from mid-July to the end of August. Perseid is most active between August 9-14. That’s when it’s worth looking at the starry night sky.

“Night of Perseid”: 12.08. Friday hours. 20.00.

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