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UOKiK imposed 313 thousand. Golden penalties for the Poznan product for accumulators and batteries

UOKiK imposed 313 thousand.  Golden penalties for the Poznan product for accumulators and batteries

It’s about Exide Technologies.

According to the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection, a decision was recently issued against the company from Pozna, which led to the backlog of payments. – In addition, the entrepreneur violated the provisions for the maximum payment terms by applying extremely long deadlines, more than 60 days to suppliers – MSMEs – Provided by UOKiK.

– Exide did not pay many Polish suppliers on time, including battery and lead producers, companies dealing with battery recycling or electronics industry producers. In just three months of 2020, it failed to settle more than 3,000 invoices against 441 contractors on time for a total amount of over PLN 111 million. In turn, the amounts due, which she did not receive or received in arrears, amounted to just over 13 million PLN, which means that she was to some extent a victim of congestion – says UOKiK President, Thomas Crostiny.

Exide Technologies was charged with a fine of 313,000 PLN.

UOKiK asserts that the applicable regulations “do not allow the effective implementation of the primary objective, which is the effective elimination of late payments.” – Currently, inter-ministerial agreements on amending the law are in the process of being implemented. In the opinion of the Office, it is necessary, first of all, to make the applicable provisions more flexible, including taking into account the specific circumstances relating to the violation and the entrepreneur, both mitigating and aggravating, when imposing the penalty. Thanks to this, the penalty will be appropriate to the seriousness of the violation, the status of the owner of the project or the task specified in the law, which limits the backlog of payments – marks the office.

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