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Up to 2 million Poles without health insurance – Zdrowie Wprost

Up to 2 million Poles without health insurance - Zdrowie Wprost

In response to a parliamentary question by Marcelina Zwiza of Lewica together, Deputy Health Minister Valdemar Kraska presented the data National Health Fundindicating the departure of about two million Poles health insurance. He said it was difficult to determine the exact number of uninsured people.

The Deputy Minister of Health noted in response to a questioning from Representative Lewica, “Some family members are reported for insurance only when they need to utilize health care services.”

What are the reasons for the contradictions?

Estimating the exact number of people without insurance requires taking into account the migration of the Polish population outside its borders. Some people who do not have the status of the insured are grounds for obtaining it, but they do not meet the formal requirements.

According to data collected by the National Health Fund in the Central Register of the Insured Persons (CWU), at the end of 2021, more than 35.9 million (35,962 thousand) people had the status of persons eligible for health care services.

However, the Central Statistical Office estimates that 38.2 million people live in Poland, which means that the right to Health benefits About 94 percent. Population.

Universal and equal access to health care is enshrined in the Constitution of the Republic of Poland

The Constitution of the Republic of Poland provides for universal and equal access to health protectionRegardless of the financial situation of the citizen. “In the meantime, the regulations only guarantee life-saving treatment, and a person who does not have insurance and is diagnosed with cancer by a doctor has to pay for accommodation and procedures in the hospital. Therefore, she resigns from the treatment” – Marcelina Zaouza of the Left Together noted in Interview with the Daily. Republic.

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Being fired also means losing health insurance

Job loss, unemployment status, or business termination will result in the loss of health insurance. This is directly related to the inability to use the services provided by the National Health Fund. Health insurance expires 30 days after contract termination.

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