October 18, 2021

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Urgent!  This is the end of diesel drivers!  Unimaginable and irreparable losses

Urgent! This is the end of diesel drivers! Unimaginable and irreparable losses

All the signs in heaven and earth clearly show that this is the end of diesel in Europe. Electric and hybrid cars – this is your future today. Diesel engines have little chance of survival and you simply have to accept them in the world.

Diesel is in complete decline – you have to deal with it. This is the exact end

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Electric cars accounted for 7.5 percent in the second quarter of this year. New cars on the market in the European Union. In this ranking, hybrid cars achieved a score of 19.3 percent, and gasoline cars – 41.8 percent. At least, that’s what the Association of European Automobile Manufacturers reports. In the same quarter, electrician registrations continued to grow, according to information provided by ACEA. In the second quarter of 2020, electricity was purchased at 3.5 percent. drivers, while this number increased to 7.5 percent.

Hybrid electric vehicles since a year accounted for 8.4 percent. of all cars sold in the European Union. But this year, the trend has reversed and the percentage of cars using this engine is 19.3 percent. market share in the European Union. Unfortunately, we don’t have good news for diesel fans. Their enrollment only increased by 7 percent, which is a significant drop compared to previous years. There are many indications that diesel is just a thing of the past and drivers simply have to accept it.

Diesel is a thing of the past. You have to transform into cars with different engines. what are you going to choose?

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This is certainly influenced by the announcements of many manufacturers that announced that they will completely withdraw from the sale of diesel cars from 2025 or 2030. This means a lot of trouble for fans of this brand. You will simply have to quickly switch to petrol, hybrid or electric cars. Unfortunately, this is the trend and there is no indication that it could change. And statistics and figures provided by many sites only confirm this. Diesel’s final end is approaching…

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