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“Urlopowiczka” Joanna Liszowska basking in the tropics by the pool, giving a big smile (PHOTOS)

"Urlopowiczka" Joanna Liszowska basking in the tropics by the pool, giving a big smile (PHOTOS)

The holiday season is in full swing, which is why celebrities went for the holidays en masse. Many representatives of local business chose to relax on the Polish seashore, but those more adventurous went abroad. One of those people Joanna Lisowska.

last year Lisowska She decided to rest on a yacht, where she sunbathed, and dashed through the waves. She then showed that she was far from herself and treated her fans with jokes about… Falling breasts.

The rest of the article is below the video

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This season, the 43-year-old wanted to go to the tropics again. The star of the series “Przyjaciółki” took a break from his professional duties for some time. She didn’t reveal exactly where she went, but she was able to show fans her first summer tires.

Looks like a celebrity He is in Spain. While away, the actress isn’t limited to blissful laziness. A few days ago, the star went to a concert by a famous Colombian singer, Malums.

Although it’s been several days since the show, “J.Li” is still a fan of his idol, which her Instagram report might indicate, where Joanna, wearing a leopard-skin blouse, is one of her songs. In turn, on Monday, the actress posted photos on her profile, how the phone smiles in the lens while dripping water. In her “mirror” glasses you can see the reflection of a palm tree.

Do you like her distinctive smile?

It is better to write the poodle about the exit of the daughter of red. As usual, you back off with the news

I’m going to Barcelona next week on vacation, my first stay abroad, my first flight 🙂

I go on vacation on my own sofa in my living room and I’m fine with that 😎

Remember when she compared herself to Jennifer Lopez? ha ha ha

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Machine Festival! Here branch is not enough. Good oak trunk!

Otkont Tropiki Som in Spain?

For a while, someone marked and flagged articles you’ve already read. Or maybe I want to read about Mrs. Joanna twice? Because she is a beautiful and attractive woman.

In a week, I will fly Tico to Mielno

Oh, I think she should forgive herself for such pictures …. My grandmother at her age was more serious …

Of course with glasses because she has no makeup

Hino, 12 years old…

11 minutes ago

Liszowska is a great woman! But I fell in love with Karolina Pajączkowska. This is the highest class!

Every tooth goes in a different direction

To the cops, you turn the women in every apartment, house, street question you didn’t have, gentlemen

But she has charisma, I saw her in the theater at one of the performances. It’s cool, TV doesn’t quite reflect his expression. I’m thrilled to have her acting, and she’s a great grandmother

Remember when she compared herself to Jennifer Lopez? ha ha ha


24 minutes ago

78 years ago, SS Galizien entered Warsaw

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