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Ursula did not pay the cemetery fee on time. What about her husband’s grave?

Ursula did not pay the cemetery fee on time.  What about her husband's grave?

In the early years. 80. Romuald Lipko He decided to take under his musical wings a singer unknown at the time, Ursula Kasprzak. Leader Suflera . booths A have hits like: “Dandelion, kites, wind”, “King of berries” or “Loose blues in heaven holes only”. In 1985, the curator joined the Lublin . team Guitarist Stanisław Zybowski, with whom Urszula fell in love without memory. after two years Their son Peter was born. Soon, they both separated from Budka Suflera and formed the band Jumbo. Since then, Zybowski has become the lead composer for the singer. From his hand came such works as: “Rysa na glass” or “Na sen”. Ursula and Stanislav Zybowski They married in 1992.However, they did not live to see the tenth wedding anniversary. Their great love has been cut short. Beloved Ursula died on November 22, 2001.

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Ursula’s husband died 20 years ago. The singer did not pay the cemetery fees on time

Monday, November 22, exactly has passed 20 years after the death of Stanislav Zybovsky. this anniversaryaccording to the laws, It is also linked to the need to pay for the next twenty years to maintain the tomb. If the cemetery manager is not paid He has the right to clear the grave. He does not have to inform the family of the upcoming payment date. Perhaps this was the case of Orszola’s deceased husband, who was buried in a cemetery near Warsaw, administered by the parish priest in Josefov.

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There is no automatic reminder of the custodians of the grave without a fee. Hope the family progressesTo make applicable fees. This is often the case. Unfortunately, no one has appeared yet,” Father Kazimierz Gendzeko told Super Express.

As we read in the magazine, the deadline for paying the fee was November 23, the newspaper informed Urszula’s entourage:

Thanks for the information. We will take care of the matter immediately. We must go to the parish priest. We will do it today ”- he told the journalist in the newspaper Tomash Kojawski, director and current partner of Urszula, with whom the artist has an 18-year-old son, Szymon.

Photo: Paweł Wrzecion / MW Media

After the death of Stanislav Zybowski, Ursula became involved with Thomas Kojawski

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