September 23, 2021

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US Election: Current Results!  Trump or Biden?  Who is currently winning? [MAPA]

US Election: Current Results! Trump or Biden? Who is currently winning? [MAPA]

The White House election battle is currently underway in Arizona, Georgia and North Carolina. Joe Biden currently has a presence in the top three states. Donald Trump is already leading only in North Carolina and Alaska (no longer important). There are still votes in the mail in support of the Democratic candidate.

The Democrats’ biggest victory came in Michigan and Wisconsin, where the Democrats “recaptured” the defeats of Hillary Clinton four years ago. However, the difference in voices is slight. After a long struggle, Biden captured Nevada.

Donald Trump is sure to win in Florida. Trump also won this state four years ago. This is one of the most interesting states in almost every US presidential election.

Trump also captured Texas With 38 electoral votes – the Republican stronghold since 1976. In Ohio, according to recent reports, getting just over 50 percent. Approval. The future president of the United States has always been successful in this state since 1964.

Joe Biden on the West Coast (California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada), as well as in the district of Inter Alia, New York, Illinois or Columbia. In turn, the votes of the so-called President Donald Trump can be counted on in the deep south (Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, South Carolina). In Nebraska, the votes are split – 4 Trump, 1 Joe Biden. On Wednesday evening in Poland, it was confirmed that Joe Biden had won in Michigan.

In all, Joe Biden received 279 votes, while current President Donald Trump received 217 votes.

Trump or Biden?  U.S. election results by state electionTrump or Biden? U.S. election results in individual states – ONET

Joe Biden, who ousted Donald Trump, is currently driving in Pennsylvania. It was this remarkable advantage in this state that ultimately prompted the American media to defeat the Democrats. The postal ballots were in his favor.

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A positive number of correspondence votes have been recorded in the current elections. Together with the votes cast in person before Election Day, there were more than 100 million. In some major states, such as Pennsylvania, they are the last to be calculated, and the process can take several days.

In 2008, Barack Obama received nearly 69.5 million votes in the presidential election, the highest in history. Now, former Obama vice president and Democratic candidate Joe Biden has surpassed that number with 74 million votes.

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