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US in cyber attacks in Poland: Russia uses many tools to sow misinformation and division

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The activities of the UNC1151 group were first described by the US cybersecurity firm Montient Intelligence

“We are committed to working with our allies to combat hostilities,” said a State Department spokesman, citing cyber attacks in Poland. He said Russia was using a number of tools to sow misinformation and divisions in democracies.

– The Polish government has publicly stated that the latest cyber attack was carried out from Russian territory. A spokesman for the diplomatic ministry said Russia was using a number of tools, including misinformation and hostile cyberspace operations, to exploit its vulnerabilities and increase divisions between democracies, commenting on the release of politicians’ emails and other activities. As part of Operation Costwriter.

Poland “firm friendship”

Poland is “a firm ally in Central Europe and one of the United States’ strongest partners in promoting security and prosperity in the region, Europe and the world,” the State Department added.

– We are committed to working with allies and allies to counter hostile actions and uphold our common democratic values ​​and ideals – the spokesman stressed.

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On Tuesday, Polish services reported that the UNC1151 group affiliated with Russian secret services was behind the social engineering attack as part of Operation “Ghostwriter”.

The activities of this group were first described by the American cyber security company Montient Intelligence, according to which the activities may even reach 2016 as part of the Costwriter operation aimed at disrupting the region.

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There is not enough evidence

According to Ben Reid, Director of Analytical Montient Intelligence, the agency “discovered a number of UNC1151 group activities against Polish companies.”

“We estimate that these intrusions are related to Gostrider’s information activities in Poland.” However, as the expert points out, the center has not yet gathered enough evidence to launch an attack on a particular country. At the same time, according to Mandiand, UNC1151 is associated with a foreign country.

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