April 13, 2021

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US launches $ 500k competition to improve mask design | The world

Government United States He started a competition for the inventors of new antiviral masks, which will give a total of $ 500 thousand (R $ 2.8 million) to the authors of the selected models.

Only US citizens can operate.

Wearing a surgical mask under a cloth reduces the risk of spreading the covit by 95%

The idea is that the mask is more comfortable to wear than what is on the market today.

Those who wish to compete will have until the 21st to submit a plan for the mask.

“We want people to be involved in creating new masks that are efficient and comfortable, which will help control Covit-19 and further prepare us for future medical emergencies,” said Nicki Bratcher-Bowman, the department’s response secretary. Health in the United States.

According to him, there are many reasons why people refuse to wear a mask, which they know helps control the infection.

There will be two phases in the competition. First, 10 winners will be selected, who will each win $ 10,000 (R $ 57,000).

Criteria for competition are performance, ease of breathing and how it fits the face.

Do not add filters or sprays to the mask.

In the second stage, competitors need to have a role model. The masks will be tested and the top five inventors will share the $ 400,000 (R $ 2.3 million) prize.

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