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US President Joe Biden is considering sending several thousand additional troops to countries east of NATO.

US President Joe Biden is considering sending several thousand additional troops to countries east of NATO.

Sending additional troops is one of the options offered to the president’s advisers during a meeting Saturday at the Presidential Center, according to the newspaper, citing representatives of the administration. Camp David.

Some players will be transferred from the United StatesThe rest will come from US bases in other European countries. The number of the group will be 1-5 thousand. This number of players is likely to increase 10 times if the situation worsens. The decision may be made this weekend.

Although the press did not specify what kind of forces could reach the leading positions, According to current and former military commanders, they should have air defense components, as well as engineering, logistics and artillery units..

According to Evelyn Fergus, A former Pentagon official in charge of Europe and Russia during President Obama’s change, changed the attitude of the administration – announcing an increase in troops in the east only if there is a renewed invasion of Russia against Ukraine so far – This is related to Russia sending an unprecedented amount of troops and equipment. Officially, they are scheduled to take part in joint Russian-Belarusian exercises in early February, although they have not been announced before.

“NATO cannot respond to such a sudden military operation in this political context,” Fergus said.

It is not clear which countries the U.S. troops will go to, but so far most of them are stationed in Poland, where, under the 2020 agreement, there should be about 5.5 thousand of them. Speaking about the strengthening of NATO’s eastern part during the Russian invasion, President Biden referred to Poland and Romania as one of the countries with the largest military presence..

The debate over whether to send additional troops continues as the United States signals that a Russian invasion of Ukraine could occur at any time. On Sunday, the State Department ordered the families of US diplomats to leave Ukraine and allowed some embassy staff to leave.

– In view of the President’s statement that Russia can take military action at any time, The U.S. government cannot expel U.S. citizens. So the US citizen in Ukraine should change their plans for this, the State Department spokesman said during a telephone press conference.

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