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US President Joe Biden: Poland and other countries are concerned

Prezydent USA Joe Biden ostrzega Rosję przed agresją na Ukrainę (fot. PAP/EPA/Oliver Contreras / POOL)

President Joe Biden has said that the United States has 8,500 troops on standby because of US allied obligations to NATO’s eastern countries. Russian President Vladimir Putin has once again been warned of the dire consequences of an attack on Ukraine.

The White House has a plan. “Sanctions will hurt Putin’s strategic ambitions.”

– Restrictions on high-tech exports made by Western countries are Putin’s strategic aspirations and key …

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Joe Biden He pointed out that Russia had stationed troops not only on its own border with Ukraine, but also in Belarus. The US president admitted that he did not know the motives of the Russian president.

– The decision is up to Putin. I think even his people are not sure what he will do – the President assessed.

He warned that 8,500 troops were part of a NATO operation. – I said clearly Vladimir PutinWe have a sacred duty to our allies under Article 5 and if he continues to raise troops or they enter, we will strengthen our allies, “said the US President.

Concerns in Eastern European Countries

He also drew attention to the great concerns in the countries of Eastern Europe. – They are located on the border Russia And Belarus, Poland and other countries have reason to worry about what will happen, the US president argued.

பிடன் He noted that the United States has no plans to send troops to Ukraine, but that Russia’s entry into the country could have serious consequences..

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