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US space agency agrees to release car data

US space agency agrees to release car data
| Astronomy / Physics

United States Space Force (US space force) and NASA sign an agreement Information about the cars was made publicOwned by the Central Government. Cars are brighter meteors than Venus. Cars are very rare. They form when an object larger than a normal meteorite falls into the atmosphere.

For decades, US federal agencies have been collecting information about cars using various sensors. The agreement, currently signed by NASA’s Planetary Coordination Coordinating Office (PDCO) and space forces, will enhance efforts to protect the Earth from unexpected visitors from space. Near-Earth Objects (NEO) are now listed, classified and monitored. There are also the first shots of the security measures that will be taken if a large object approaches the Earth.

During the year, several dozen cars enter the atmosphere. The sensors that record them send the data to the nearest Earth Observatory (CNEOS). The database contains information on about 1,000 cars registered since 1988. Now, thanks to the signed agreement, scientists can access much more detailed data. They are very interested in information about the gloss curve. These are changes in the intensity of the car’s glow that crashes into the atmosphere. From such data, scientists can infer, among other things, about the composition and construction of cars.

The release of new data on cars is another part of the collaboration between NASA and the U.S. Space Force. This will allow us to improve our understanding of these products and to prepare ourselves for the threats that NEO poses to Earth.NASA’s Lindley Johnson said.

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Recently, NASA has intensified efforts to protect the Earth against asteroids. Two years ago At least 11 asteroids have been identified A diameter of more than 100 meters can hit the earth. However, for the next 100 years none of them will threaten us. The end of last year is also memorable The first test mission to protect the Earth was launchedAnd NASA has begun A modern tool for assessing vulnerability risk.

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