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US Vice President Kamala Harris is unwell. Spokesperson spoke – o2

US Vice President Kamala Harris is unwell.  Spokesperson spoke - o2

I will advise you on how to read the campaign. If there is no indication about the vaccine, it means it is 100% vaccinated. If they had not been vaccinated, they would have been 100% in the headlines, as they always do at times like this, to convince people to get vaccinated with fear. I did not say that she got sick from the vaccine. I will only say that the vaccine was given, and let everyone explain it in their own way: the vaccine does not work (it’s about money) or it works as planned (it’s about money and population). Logically, there is no other way. The campaign is not about lying, but about picking up pieces of truth that are intended to persuade the unthinking recipient in this case to take a particular action. So the two completely different situations I mentioned can always be presented as the same. This is similar to the statistics. The same numbers can be used to confirm two opposing theories. Unlike most people, both pro- and anti-vaccine, I’m not saying I know the truth, but at least I know what’s not true, because logically it can not be. So I do not know what this is really about, but it is not about 100% health. That’s why I don’t get vaccinated. And no matter how much they encourage, ridicule, humiliate, discriminate, intimidate, intimidate and coerce, those who do not decide go in the opposite direction. The government is well aware of what it is doing. It works much better than any discussion of the pro-vaccine and their “experts” that might fall into the first question.

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