July 28, 2021

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US warning before IO!  Basketball players have lost as many sparring matches in just a few days as they have in 29 years

US warning before IO! Basketball players have lost as many sparring matches in just a few days as they have in 29 years

In Beijing, London and Rio de Janeiro, the Americans won all the competitions and finished the previous three Olympics 8-0. Most of their matches were credible victories or had a tremendous advantage, which was difficult in only three matches Spain (Two finals and one semifinal).

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Mike Kubiak has not yet run “Olympic Mode”. “We don’t know what to expect there.”

Before the Tokyo match, Americans were also considered favorites, but confidence was not as high as usual. At the start of production, coach Greg Popovich’s team looked weak.

Popovich is not worried about this attack. But what about security?

Saturday in Las Vegas Nigeria Beat America 90:87. On Monday, at the same venue, Australia won 91:83. These are not just springs, but a rare film – from the NBA basketball players’ first performance at the Olympics in 1992 to the Dream team’s famous performance. Barcelona, American friendly matches 54-4. So half of the failures in the last 29 years have occurred in recent days.

The common division of these losers is a bad defense game. The Americans lost 90 and 91 points – the Nigerians threw 20 triples against 47 percent. Performance, the Australians, prevailed under the basket, they hit 59 per cent. Two shots. The Americans lost 24:44 on the field in three seconds.

Australia is the world’s leading team with many experienced players NBA, She read well the weakness of the Americans – the lack of strength under the basket. Popovich has formed a team based on long-distance shots that his biggest stars, Kevin Durant and Damien Lillard, do well. But if these two players were the best at 10/20 for three in the match against Australia, did the opponent win anyway when it was bad under the edge and in defense?

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There are concerns about whether the Americans can form a team from a group of top players. A few stars are known to be missing – LeBron James withdrew from the game for a variety of reasons, Anthony Davis, Stephen Curry and Donovan Mitchell. Bobovic is known to be waiting for a few more players as Devin Booker, Chris Middleton and Juru Holiday play in the NBA Finals.

Time can be short in many respects. First, the Americans will be very tired and all three finalists will join Games In practice representation from the march. Second: Building a team and organization in defense requires quiet, solid training over a long period of time.

Other parts of the world without American campuses

Before the game against Nigeria, the Americans had only four training sessions, while the rivals trained together for a month. Yet Popovich is making a new team – only two players from Rio (Torrent and Tremond Green) and only two players from the World Cup in China (Middleton and Jason Todd). However, the championship failed, and the Americans finished only fifth. The Olympics, on the other hand, are known to be the most important event for American basketball players, not the World Cup.

Can Bobovich build a successful team? This is an important question because while no one cares about attacking abilities, teamwork in game organization and defense can be crucial in difficult moments. Especially in matches with teams like Australia, Spain or Argentina – close bond, defeated in the biggest events, with championship aspirations. With NBA players who certainly don’t feel complicated in front of Lillard, Torrent, Green or Booker.

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That’s why Americans no longer show their usual self-confidence. It is known that they are going to Tokyo for gold, but – as the American press writes – the fourth success in a row is based on the story of overcoming suffering. These American basketball players have not had much experience in the Olympics.

Basketball Tournament in Tokyo:

  • Group A: United States, France, Czech Republic, Iran
  • Group B: Australia, Italy, Germany, Nigeria
  • Group C: Spain, Argentina, Slovenia, Japan

The top two teams from each group and the top two teams from third place will advance to the quarterfinals.