July 27, 2021

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USA: A large influx of immigrants to the border.  'They are mostly bankers and doctors'

USA: A large influx of immigrants to the border. ‘They are mostly bankers and doctors’

The Palestinian Authority said that 7,484 Venezuelans were encountered by patrols along the US-Mexico border last month for more than 14 combined years, noting that the Venezuelan immigrants are “bankers, doctors and engineers who arrived in record numbers to escape the chaos in the country.” With the largest oil reserves in the world and before the epidemic.”

“Many of the approximately 17,306 Venezuelans who crossed the southern border illegally since January have been living in other South American countries for years. This is part of the displacement of nearly 6 million Venezuelans since President Nicolas Maduro took power in 2013. While some among them are opponents of the government who fear persecution and imprisonment, the vast majority are fleeing long-term economic devastation marked by blackouts and shortages of food and medicine,” the Associated Press writes.

According to the US administration, 42 percent. Of all the families encountered at the border in May came from places other than Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, compared to just 8%. During the recent surge in immigration in 2019.

According to the Palestinian Authority, Venezuelans have advantages over other immigrants. This reflects their better financial situation, higher education and Washington’s policies that have not isolated Maduro and made deportation nearly impossible. In general they do not try to avoid the stay. They report to the border guards to apply for asylum.

“While Central Americans and others can spend months roaming the bush on freight trains and sleeping in makeshift Union-led camps on their way north, most Venezuelans reach the United States in just four days,” the AP said.

He confirms that they fly first to the capital of Mexico or Cancun. In the first four months of 2021, nearly 45,000 people arrived there. Venezuelans. Smugglers promoting themselves as “travel agencies” have appeared on Facebook, offering “hassle-free” transportation to the US for about 3,000 people. dollars.

In March, President Joe Biden granted TPS status to about 320,000 people. Venezuelans. This allows immigrants from countries devastated by war or disaster to work legally in the United States and prevents deportation.

Unlike others, Venezuelans tend to be successful in seeking asylum. US government confirms news of political repression. Syracuse University experts estimate that only 26 percent this year. Asylum applications from Venezuelans were rejected. By comparison, 80 percent of immigrants from poorer and more violent countries in Central America have been affected.

“I can almost write their asylum applications from memory. These are the highly educated people who are able to stand up for themselves and tell their story in clear chronological order, which convinces the judges” – explained Texas immigration attorney Judy Goodwin, citing the Associated Press. She represented more than 100 Venezuelans.

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