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USA: Baldwin: Police officers are required to monitor guns on cinema sets

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Alec Baldwin, the American actor who accidentally shot a cinematographer during the filming of “Rust” two weeks ago, tweeted on Monday that film and television products should deploy police officers to monitor weapons at the shooting site.

Baldwin stressed that police must ensure that the weapons used during the shooting are safe. “Any film or television production, weapons, counterfeit or otherwise filmed, must have a police officer on duty set up to monitor the safety of the weapons,” Baldwin wrote on Twitter.

Reuters reports that Hollywood has begun to consider new security measures for the Hollywood shoot following the horrific crash on the “Rust” set. Producers and crew members are wondering how to prevent such a tragedy in the future.

Some have already called for a ban on real weapons. Booksmart director Olivia Wilde has called for Hollywood to implement what it calls “Holina’s law.”

“Hollywood: It’s time to create the Halina Act + to ban the use of real guns in movie collections and create a safer work environment for all employees,” Wilde wrote on Twitter.

Bandar Albulevi, an independent American filmmaker, has a similar view: “There is no longer a need for real guns in movie collections.

Producer Twain Johnson has announced that only rubber guns will be used in his future productions. In turn, the makers of the police TV series ABC “The Rookie” announced that the film would no longer be “live” guns, but would use ergonomics and computer-generated effects instead.

Eric Gripke, executive producer of the satirical Amazon series “The Boys”, tweeted: “There will be no more blind guns in my projects. We will use VFX footage. Who’s with me?”

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On October 21, Baldwin shot and killed cinematographer Halina Hutchins during a Rust shoot. The Santa Fe Attorney’s Office, which was involved in the crash, is investigating; So far no criminal charges have been filed against anyone.

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