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USA: Classification of JFK massacre files postponed for one year

USA: Classification of JFK massacre files postponed for one year

Former U.S. President John F. US President Joe Biden has announced that the classification of new documents related to the Kennedy assassination will be postponed for a year.

“In view of the proposal of companies wishing to defer the classification of all information in the archives, I announce that this will be by December 15, 2022.” – Biden wrote in a press release.

The U.S. president explains that because of the Govt-19 epidemic, archivists have delayed reviewing the 1963 homicide file and that more time is needed.

Biden stressed the need for an adjournment “to prevent any attack on military security, intelligence operations, maintaining public order and conducting foreign relations.”

All of these considerations seemed to be “more important than the general interest of the immediate classification.”

The AFP recalls that in 2017, when Donald Trump was president, the U.S. National Archives declared parts of the Kennedy assassination three times. Then, in April 2018, Trump announced that, for national security reasons, he would not classify the remaining documents, and that the public would have to wait another three years or more for this to happen.

“The damage to US national security, justice or foreign policy will be so great that it will destroy the public interest that it exposes,” the then president said.

The AFP recalls that the JFK Assassination Commission, known as the “Warren Commission”, concluded in 1964 that the former Marine Commando, who had lived in the Soviet Union for some time, was acting alone in the assassination of President Kennedy.

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However, after years of research, a lot of controversy arose over the matter, and the work of the Commission was repeatedly criticized. A congressional panel later said JFK “may have been killed in a conspiracy.”

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