September 21, 2021

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USA - D-Mobile data leak.  The U.S. network operator said how many customers have been exposed

USA – D-Mobile data leak. The U.S. network operator said how many customers have been exposed

According to the T-Mobile mobile network, the data of about 50 million customers in the United States may have been compromised. The operator explained that the leak could affect 7.8 million current users and more than 40 million former and future customers of the network.

D-Mobile notification risk information, inter alia, customer names, social security numbers and driver’s license details.

The company argues that other information, such as phone numbers, PIN numbers, passwords and the financial information of nearly 50 million people, has not been released.

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T-Mobile customer data leak in the United States

Data leak 850 thousand. Current subscription users are confirmed. The service provider announced that it is already working on restoring vulnerable PINs.

The company has announced that it will offer two years of free personal data protection service to its injured subscribers. The company recommends that subscribers change their PIN.

It has also been revealed that an investigation into the circumstances of the data leak is underway.

T-Mobile US Cellular Network, headquartered in Bellevue, Washington, is one of the largest cellular network operators in the United States, along with AT&T and Verizon.

T -Mobile Polska – Descriptions

According to The warranties of T-Mobile polish users can be easily rested. “The event in the United States does not translate in any way to T-Mobile Polska customers. Our customer data is protected by the highest security standards” – we read the response sent to TVN24 Biznes T-Mobile Polska press office.

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