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USA: Former Hillary Clinton Ally Accused. He’s going to lie to the FBI

USA: Former Hillary Clinton Ally Accused.  He's going to lie to the FBI

A lawyer who investigated the Justice Ministry’s investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 election has accused Michael Sussman, a lawyer working for Hillary Clinton’s campaign team, of lying to the FBI. His defense claims it was an unsubstantiated political attack.

John Durham, a special counsel for the judiciary, and his team of lawyers accused Sussman of making a false statement to the FBI five years ago.

On September 19, 2016, Sussman accused Sussman of providing three “white papers” and data files to Sussman in connection with his encounter with then-FBI General Adviser James Baker. They should point to possible ties between Russia’s Alpha Bank and the Trump organization.

Sussman expressed the concerns of cybersecurity experts about suspicious contacts.

As Reuters points out, President Joe Biden’s administration has allowed Durham to pursue his case as a “special adviser.”

AB writes that Sussman testified five years ago that he did not act on behalf of any particular client presented by Sass. According to lawyers, this convinced Baker to act as a citizen concerned, not as a “paid lawyer or political agent.”

The fraud “caused the FBI to lose information, which would allow it to fully evaluate and diagnose the origin of critical technical data and analysis, including the identification and motivation of Suzmann’s customers.”

According to Suzmann Security, he met with Baker because an article about Alpha Bank was about to be published in the media and he wanted to give Baker a copy of the material on which this article is based. According to defense lawyers, it does not matter who Sussman’s clients are because the FBI would have looked into the case anyway.

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Eventually, the FBI

Sussman’s lawyers argue that their client was charged with “facts, not politics.”

As Reuters news agency noted, the conversation with Sussman Baker was not recorded. Baker made no mention of it, making it difficult to convince the jury that Sussman was lying.

In turn, the PA reminds us that the Alpha Bank case is not a key feature of the investigation into Russia’s interference in the election. It is not even mentioned in the 448-page Robert Mueller report from 2019.

“Nevertheless, the indictment may provoke critics of the investigation into Russia, which they consider to be politically tainted and initiated by Democrats,” the PA said.

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