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USA: Joe Biden withdraws from the statement and Republicans return to the negotiating table

USA: Joe Biden withdraws from the statement and Republicans return to the negotiating table

Let’s make it clear that on Thursday there was an agreement between the White House and, among other things, 11 Republican senators on a $1.2 trillion in infrastructure investment package.

Later, however, the agreement was called into question after what American commentators described as a political accident for the head of state.

Joe Biden has announced that he will sign the “infrastructure” law only in conjunction with a second law, prepared by Democrats themselves, that provides for additional investment and tax increases for the wealthy.

“If that’s the only thing that ends up on my desk, I won’t sign it,” Joe Biden said, noting that the bill represented a compromise with Republicans.

Those words angered Republican senators who felt deceived.

“We… are idiots,” said Lindsey Graham of South Carolina.

The case escalated to the point that Joe Biden issued a statement retracting his statement.

“I created the impression that I was threatening to veto the plan that I agreed to. It was not my intention. I gave my word that I would support the infrastructure plan and that is my intention” – emphasized the US President.

The statement was positively received by the architects of the agreement from the Republican side.

“We’re happy to separate the bills and we can move on,” said Senator Rob Portman of Ohio.

As we read in the Guardian, Joe Biden is going on a tour to promote the package to Americans from different states.

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