September 22, 2021

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USA: Lightning strikes sunbathers.  died 13 years old

USA: Lightning strikes sunbathers. died 13 years old

The incident described by the New York Post happened on Orchard Beach.

A strong storm on Thursday afternoon surprised the tourists who were vacationing there. Among them was 13-year-old Carlos with his family. They and their twin sister celebrated their birthday last week. The joint trip was part of the attractions that parents planned for the children.

Yet, after at 17, there was a tragedy. Lightning struck the people on the beach. Seven people were infected – two adults aged 44-33 and five children aged 5-14. Everyone was taken to the hospital.

13-year-old Carlos died of his injuries. The condition of the remaining victims is stable.

Carlos’s father wrote on social media after the boy’s death: “This can’t happen. I will miss you son. I will always love you. I’m desperate and confused. It doesn’t happen.”

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