October 21, 2021

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USA: Most immigrants are attracted to Charleston, Columbus, and Des Moines

Recent sociological research shows that cities located in the central part of the country attract more people born outside the United States. Charleston, Columbus and Des Moines transformed concentrated heritage centers for immigrants such as New York and Los Angeles

According to a study by the Hartland Forward Sociology Center, Charleston, South Carolina, Columbus, Ohio and Des Moines, Iowa are among the fastest growing international cities. In some cases, “it helps to reverse the negative trend – a lower fertility rate decreases with female fertility and a slightly lower mortality rate.”

Based on data from the Census, the U.S. government agency responsible for the U.S. Census Bureau, and other statistics, Hartland Forward has scrutinized the situation in the 20 middle states.

Research results clearly show a clear increase in the percentage of births outside the United States to 23.5%. In 2010 it was 31.1 percent. In 2019.

In urban centers such as Des Moines, Columbus and Louisville, Kentucky, the number of foreign-born people increased by more than 40% in the decade ending in 2019. At the same time, it increased by only about 5% in New York City, while Los Angeles recorded a decrease.

The authors of the widely quoted report noted: “This visit has helped to offset labor shortages, especially in manufacturing and agriculture. Bloomberg.

According to a study released by the company, regional visas are pushing for the introduction of organizations such as the Economic Innovation Group as the number of births in the United States is declining. They help bring in new employees from abroad to areas where they are most needed. They must work in the city or district where they applied for the visa, Bloomberg writes.

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The list of 10 cities with the most significant increase in overseas-born population includes others with 51.9 percent, including Charleston Overseas Migrants, and Des Moines with 48.4 percent. And Louisville with 46.2 percent. Immigrants.

Among the group of ten cities that recorded the largest decline in the share of immigrants in the population, e.g. The most populous by polar Chicago, indicating -0.3 percent. And New York’s Pough Keepsie at -1.2 percent. In Los Angeles, the immigration rate has dropped by 1%.

Andrzej Toprovolsky from New York