July 28, 2021

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USA: One step away from kidnapping a child.  Mom's amazing reactions [NAGRANIE]

USA: One step away from kidnapping a child. Mom’s amazing reactions [NAGRANIE]

The BBC noted that the five-year-old was unharmed.

The accident happened Thursday evening. The footage from the technical cameras, which was published on BBC News on Sunday, allows you to recreate the course of events. The picture shows a car suddenly stopping at the sidewalk and a man jumping out of it. He ran to a woman who had three children, and, having run into an underage boy, quickly put him in the car.

Without thinking, the child’s mother ran into the car and, without entering into any discussions with the kidnapper, put her head and hands into the moving car through the open door. I managed to get the baby back.

Bystanders, alerted by the desperate cries of a Latin American woman, and the child’s siblings, took part in rescuing the kidnapped boy. These people blocked the movement of the car.

One of the women called the police. The potential kidnapper has been arrested by the police and is in custody. He will be responsible for the attempted kidnapping. The woman told reporters that she did not think she had done more than was required.

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