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USA RSocks botnet Russia

USA RSocks botnet Russia

In the wake of Russia’s occupation of Ukraine, cybercriminals controlled by the Kremlin have been waging extensive hacking campaigns aimed at disrupting online Internet sites and telecommunications infrastructure in Ukraine and other countries.

RSocks destroyed

The fight continues. The Justice Department announced that the United States and international law enforcement partners in the UK, Germany and the Netherlands They smashed a large botnet operated by Russian cybercriminals, It has taken over millions of computers, phones and devices of the Internet of Things.

RSocks advertised itself as a proxy service that theoretically allowed traffic to be diverted elsewhere. However, instead of legally accessing IP addresses such as leasing from local ISPs, the company allowed customers to transfer traffic through restricted devices.

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– The cost of accessing the RSoks proxy server pool was from $ 30. Access for 2 thousand per day. Proxy servers, up to $ 200 per day 90 thousand access. Servers – as stated in the message.

Proxy services can be used for legitimate purposes, but they can also be used Used in attacks involving the handling of credentials Or to hide the identity of the person engaging in malicious online activity.

The disruption to RSocks infrastructure is a continuation of an investigation that began after the 2017 covert operation began. The judiciary said it had identified approximately 325,000 people as a result of its analysis. Devices affected by danger.

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A number of large public and private companies, including a university, hotel, television studio and electronics manufacturer, home businesses and private individuals, have fallen victim to the RSocks botnet, the company said in a statement.

Except for the current reports, in April of this year. The United States has announced that it has fired another large botnet run by the GRU’s Russian military intelligence hacker group Sandworm.

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