September 21, 2021

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USA: The media released the Hunter Biden tapes.  Pictures and conversations with a prostitute.

USA: The media released the Hunter Biden tapes. Pictures and conversations with a prostitute.

The magazine published, inter alia, photos and a transcript of Biden’s conversation with a prostitute in January 2019, during which he admitted that in 2018, during one of the events in Las Vegas, he lost his laptop containing, among other things Sex tapes. Hunter suspected that the computer had been stolen from the Russians who were supposed to steal it from him when he lost consciousness in the bathtub. When the woman asked him if he feared blackmail, he answered in the affirmative.

At the same time, the record shows that the president’s 51-year-old son was hoping to sell his recordings.

According to the newspaper, on the computer to which the journalist had access to his hard drive, there were, among other things, passport photos of an unidentified Russian woman and photos of both of them in unmistakable poses.

These files were to be on the computer that Biden had to leave behind at the Delaware facility. It follows that the president’s son lost at least three computers; Because another was found by the DEA’s drug agency while psychiatrist Keith Ablow was arrested. Why he ended up there is unclear, but the agency returned his laptop to him. Neither the psychiatrist nor Biden was ultimately charged.

President Joe Biden has repeatedly admitted that his son suffers from drug addiction, but has emphasized that he is proud of his struggle in this field. Laptops located in Delaware

Hunter was hotly debated during the 2020 election campaign. When the New York Post published a text based on the alleged material, some social networks blocked its publication, citing the unknown source of the information and a possible attempt to interfere in the election.

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