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USA: There is a court order to expel families of illegal immigrants

USA: There is a court order to expel families of illegal immigrants

Authorities in Washington are motivated by the need to continue current policy with concerns about the spread of the coronavirus. They believe that families and their children should not be prevented from deporting illegal immigrants.

For months, thousands of Latinos, most recently from Haiti, have been gathering at the US-Mexico border. The policy of their deportation was initiated by the administration of President Donald Trump. In March of last year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued an order called Title 42, which justifies the need to deport illegal immigrants through the threat of transmission of COVID-19.

As CBS noted, this regulation was used by US border authorities to deport hundreds of thousands of immigrants. This is done without hearings or questioning asylum seekers.

On September 16, US District Judge Emmett Sullivan ruled that such a policy could not be applied to families. As the 19th century Public Health Act cited by the authorities has argued, it does not authorize expedited expulsion of immigrants and asylum seekers. The Joe Biden administration has appealed this ruling.

On Thursday, a US federal appeals court ruled that the Biden team could continue to deport immigrant families detained while crossing the US-Mexico border in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Reuters wrote that even if there is a lawsuit questioning such a policy.

“The Biden administration has vigorously defended Trump’s emergency policy, arguing that it is necessary to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in immigration detention facilities. Unlike the Trump administration, the Biden administration has not used Title 42 to expel unaccompanied children, CBS stressed.

Humanitarian organizations strongly condemn the deportations. In their opinion, this violates US asylum law. Protests have intensified in recent days as authorities repatriate thousands of Haitians arrested along the southern border.

By Thursday morning, the United States had organized 50 deportation flights to Haiti, according to the Department of Homeland Security. In just 11 days, 5,400 migrants were on the planes.

According to American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) attorney Lee Gelernt, who filed a 42nd expulsion lawsuit, the appeals court’s decision was disappointing. But he described it as “just an initial step in a long dispute”.

Gillernt concluded that “if the administration is now behaving inhumanely because of political calculations, it may eventually have to become more humane.”

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