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USA: Thousands of Americans are on strike demanding better working conditions

USA: Thousands of Americans are on strike demanding better working conditions

“The wave of workers’ anger is spreading across the country. They have a new force that has emerged with the historic labor shortage. United States It is already suffering from a shortage of supplies, ”Axios said on Saturday.

He recalled that thousands of John Deere workers went on strike this week following the union’s rejection of a plan for a new employment contract with a farm machinery and equipment manufacturer.

“There has never been a situation like this before. The company …

Axios pointed out that the union, which has been representing 60,000 people since Monday, is threatening a strike. Hollywood workers Film crews from across the country. It puts pressure on the college to provide better working conditions and higher wages.

The Los Angeles Times predicts that “this will put an end to film and television production across the country and will be Hollywood’s biggest labor dispute in a decade.”

Axios points out that for the first time in nearly 50 years, Kellogg’s grain production is intermittent across the United States. 1,400 employees have quit their jobs in search of better benefits and endangered the distribution of this item on store shelves.

“Employees – employers are tired of the fact that the best times are not translated into better wages, benefits and working conditions” – the portal noted.

He quoted Daniel Osborne, planner at the Kellogg factory in Omaha, Nebraska.

“Osborne is the local president of the National Union behind the multi-week union strike In Nabisco factories. It ended after the company accepted workers’ demands that their health plans remain the same, ”Axios explained.

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At the same time, he stressed that some employers do not want to bow to demands in the first place. He saw this as a stumbling block to encouraging strikes.

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