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USA: US military study aid contains classified information

USA: US military study aid contains classified information

A press investigation conducted by the Bellingcat portal revealed that the educational aids used by American soldiers contain classified information. The discovered cards were removed after Bilinkat contacted NATO and the US military to request comment on the matter.

A Bellingcat investigation found that online learning tools used by US forces stationed at nuclear bases in Europe contain classified information.

Bellingcat noted that soldiers use publicly available apps — such as Quizlet, Chegg Prep and Cram — with online cards to save long and complex security protocols. As a result, the platforms collected information such as codes, terminology, and even the status of nuclear repositories. The author of the investigative article, Vojka Postma, explained that investigators were able to discover the index cards of active soldiers by searching for specific terms known to be associated with nuclear bases.

As a result, they discover several sets of flashcards that reveal information about several American bases in Europe, including Germany, the Netherlands, and Turkey. A deck of 70 cards titled “Science!” disclosure of data on nuclear weapons stored at Volkel Air Base in the Netherlands; This information is treated as a state secret by the Dutch government.

Other groups have revealed how soldiers are expected to respond to different levels of alarm, with security cameras on bases, and passwords soldiers give over the phone to let them know they’ve been taken hostage, for example. The oldest flashcards are from 2013, and the newest is from April 2021.

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The article stated that the discovered cards had been removed after Bilinkat contacted NATO and the US military seeking comment on the matter.

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