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USA: Vaccine without mandatory masks

USA: Vaccine without mandatory masks

The U.S. has made it mandatory for everyone who has been vaccinated against COVID-19 to wear a mask. Removed by Disease Control and Prevention Agency. Magorzotta Schulz asked residents of Los Angeles what they think about this.

It turned out to be easy to implement, for example in Minnesota, where the obligation to wear a mask for those who were immediately vaccinated was removed after the CDC announcement on Thursday, which in other states could be longer. These states include Kentucky, Washington, West Virginia, Nevada, Illinois and Pennsylvania.

Californians will have to wait until at least June 15 for restrictions to be relaxed.

The situation is completely unprecedented because some grocery stores allow you to cover the mouths and noses of all people who have already been vaccinated. However, there is currently an allegation that no one has been able to verify whether people moving without masks have actually taken the COVID-19 vaccine.

Rochelle Valensky, head of the Federal Agency for Disease Control and Prevention, announced that vaccinated people no longer need to wear a mask or keep a distance of two meters between people in the same room.

Restrictions are still in place during travel, and not everyone is willing to lift them.

This was said by a tourist visiting the city of Angels “Vaccines are a good solution, but for now I would wear a mask when I’ve been away from home. I still think I should wear it.

Even in families, there is disagreement over whether to cover the mouth and nose after immunization.

“Some of my relatives don’t want to be vaccinated, so I still wear the mask because I don’t want to get infected and don’t want to be infected. Even after getting vaccinated, it turns out that I can get an infection. ”

– Added tourists.

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However, her husband said, “Whoever is vaccinated does not have to wear a mask.”

On the other hand, one healthcare worker commented that he trusts the experts at CDC and will continue to follow their decisions.

“I am a nurse and I think it is safe not to wear a mask if someone is vaccinated. However, it complies with the new rules. “

However, the decision of the Federal Health Agency does not violate the epidemiological orders of the state.

Federal officials have surprised most state officials with this sudden decision, which seems to have the fairness of experts, but is difficult to enforce in places such as California, New York, Massachusetts and New Jersey. Officials in these states are deciding whether to ease restrictions in the coming days.

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