September 21, 2021

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Vacation with travel voucher.  So when should you use it?  How do I receive my travel voucher?

Vacation with travel voucher. So when should you use it? How do I receive my travel voucher?

Polish tourism voucher It is a tool intended to provide financial support to Polish families weakened by the effects pandemic COVID-19. Supporting rest will indirectly help the weakened tourism industry “- stated on the website of the Ministry of Development, Labor and Technology.

Social security It was recently announced that 2.4 million Poles have benefited from the support provided under the program with a total amount of PLN 2 billion. To date, 1.3 million bills amounting to 981 million PLN have been used.

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How to obtain and use a travel voucher?

Polish tourism voucher. Who can get it?

This payment is paid to each child under the age of 18, regardless of their parents’ income level. The amount of the voucher is PLN 500 or PLN 1,000 in case of a disabled child. The tourist voucher usage date has expired March 31, 2022. After this time, it will still be available for use, as long as the holiday-related service fee is paid before the end of next March.

You can pay several times with the coupon, until you have used up all the money on it. It cannot be exchanged for cash. The list of entities that accept travel voucher payment can be found on this page.

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Polish tourism voucher. You do not need to apply

You do not need to complete an application to get the voucher. Eligible people only need to activate the online service. How do I do it? Adequate:

  • login to the ZUS electronic services platform with a trusted profile;
  • On the “General” tab, select the “Polish tourism voucher” option, then “My voucher”;
  • Enter your current email address and mobile phone number;
  • Wait for the travel voucher to be sent as a 16-digit code to the phone number or email address provided by the parent.
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The situation is slightly different if an additional voucher in the amount of PLN 500 is obtained by a parent of a disabled child. Then, at PUE ZUS, you must submit a “Declaration of the person authorized in order to determine the right to receive an additional benefit in the form of a Polish tourism voucher” and attach it to a scan or photo of the child’s disability certificate. More details can be found on this on ZUS.

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Polish tourism voucher. How do you pay it?

The tourist voucher must be presented at the time of booking the accommodation or at the latest upon check-in. Payment is made using the ZUS ICT system. The payment process is made by providing the receipt number to the entity to check the balance and using two codes to confirm the purchase at the time of payment for the service. More detailed information about the Polish tourism voucher is available on the website

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