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Vaccination regulations do not match reality – it is still difficult for people with disabilities to get a vaccine – Health

Vaccination regulations do not match reality - it is still difficult for people with disabilities to get a vaccine - Health

Although the elderly and the chronically ill can theoretically count on help getting vaccinated, it can often be difficult to wait. In the spring, after a long struggle, parents of people with disabilities received a list stating the priority in the waiting list for vaccinations for people with severe disabilities and their parents. The decision came before vaccination was issued for all age groups, but when it was still difficult to wait for your turn, and people with all forms of disabilities had to wait in long lines at vaccination points, often outside, under conditions that endangered their health.

However, people with disabilities do not have to make an appointment at the vaccination point – it is enough for them to come to it. Parents are also entitled to be vaccinated out of sequence, and they don’t have to document this fact – all they need to do is sign an acknowledgment. Vaccine workers may or may not request this. Up to three guardians of a person with a disability may benefit from the no-line vaccination option.

The Mayo Regulation obligates vaccination points to provide adequate support, for example a guardian or aide who will assist a person with special needs, including a disabled person, for example filling out documents, entering a building or reaching a treatment point. Also, people who use sign language can count on the help of an interpreter. On the other hand, the municipalities provide free access to the vaccination point, which can be arranged on the number 989.

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However, assistance is provided to those who managed to get to the point of vaccination on their own or with the help of their relatives. The situation is different in the case of people with reduced mobility or those whose health condition makes it impossible to reach the point on their own and use the means of transport provided by the municipality.

In theory, they can rely on distant vaccination points. Bedridden patients or their caregivers should contact the Primary Care Clinic (POZ) by phone. Information about the patient’s family physician can be found at the Online Patient Account (IKP). Your GP or GP will assess whether you qualify for home immunization. He may need medical records from a medical professional and updated information about a qualified person’s health.

If the qualification is successful, the GP or nurse will order the off-site vaccination point and inform the patient or their caregiver. The notification is sent to the departure point of vaccination closest to the place of residence, which contacts the patient and sets the first convenient appointment.

And here, usually, the staircase begins, because there are still very few distant teams. Immediate vaccination is still more profitable for population vaccination centers, although a few months ago the National Health Fund increased the assessment of vaccination during travel. People who are bedridden, disabled or with reduced mobility will still have to wait for the vaccination, although the waiting time is much shorter than in the first half of the year.

Source: Rzeczpospolita

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