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Vaccinations and immunity: doses, booster doses, duration of protection

Vaccinations and immunity: doses, booster doses, duration of protection

Vaccinations for a reason Servants They are already in the first months of life. Primarily intended to protect against dangerous Multiples Diseases of those who do not have immunity and are sensitive to aggressive viruses and bacteria. We are talking about children who receive more vaccinations in the first year of their life than in later years.

child object Better adapt to infectionsBecause the immune system’s memory is not yet fully developed. The vaccines offered may prevent you from getting sick, but there is no need. However, developed immunity after administration of the preparation will cope with contact with the pathogen much easier than with the body of an unvaccinated person.

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Depending on the disease from which the vaccination is intended to protect, Resistance varies. The development of the appropriate immune response will also depend on whether or not it has been received Full doses of vaccinations if any are missed.

BCG (tuberculosis) vaccine – This vaccine lasts about 15 years and is intended to protect the youngest from the middle and tuberculous meningitis. It shows up to 86 percent. Effectiveness, protect children from serious complications of the disease.

DTP vaccine (diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis) Protection from tetanus and diphtheria lasts about 10 years, and for whooping cough it is much shorter – 5 years. Pertussis vaccination is recommended, especially in people at high risk (pregnant women) and in healthcare personnel who come into direct contact with newborns.

Hepatitis B vaccination (hepatitis B) – Taking the full vaccination dose shows a 95% effectiveness of protection against hepatitis. Protection lasts for life, but it is recommended that a booster dose be given by people exposed to infectious substances (health care workers) or before elective surgery, on a physician’s recommendation, after prior antibody testing.

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Haemophilus influenzae (meningitis) vaccine – Adoption of the hepatitis C vaccination gives a protection efficacy at a level of 95%. 100 percent prevents Haemophilus influenzae type b pneumonia in infants.

Measles, Mumps, and Rubella Vaccine (Measles, Mumps, and Rubella) The effectiveness of this vaccine after two doses is 98%. Two doses are given because an immune response may not develop after the first dose. After the first, the effectiveness is about 90%.

IPV (polio) vaccine Passing the Heine-Medina vaccination course gives lifelong immunity. An indication of re-dosing, already in adulthood, are many trips to countries where a high percentage of poliomyelitis.

With additional preventive vaccinations, especially on measles And the hepatitis BIt should be used by persons who have contact with potentially infected persons, such persons include professions that cooperate with foreigners, medical professionals and laboratory diagnosticians.

It is recommended that pregnant women take an extra dose of the whooping cough and measles vaccine.

People over 50 years old should think pneumococcal vaccination Especially if they suffer from cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.

In addition, it is recommended to administer after contact with foreign objects in the ground and broken skin anatoxin against tetanus. Tetanus is a wound disease, and skin lesions are the gateway to the infection. Other risk factors for tetanus include open fractures, dog bites, stab wounds, and burns.

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