July 28, 2021

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Vaccine lottery.  Strange regulations a nuisance to scammers

Vaccine lottery. Strange regulations a nuisance to scammers

The National Immunization Program Lottery began on July 1. There are cash prizes, scooters and cars to be won. This is one opportunity not only for vaccinators but also for cheaters.

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Vaccine lottery vulnerable to scammer attacksجم

winners in the lotteryAccording to the regulations, they receive two texts. The first number is titled “Loteria” It tells you the win and sends you instructions for claiming the prize. Pieni ± dze It can be collected at a PKO BP ATM. And from this institution comes the second message with the code that will allow us to withdraw the winnings. Before we do this, you must complete the form and send it to Totalizator Sportowy. Please provide all your details on the form.

Therefore, paragraph 13 point 5 of the Executive Regulations appears alarming – to which attention has been drawn, inter alia,at. antyweb.pl portal:

To the SMS message referred to in clause 2 and clause 4, a link is attached to enable completion of the relevant announcement in electronic copy.

Such a record is a direct route to a phishing attack. This type of fraud involves impersonating a well-known organization or company and fabricating its website to obtain data about it. We enter login or registration details and they quickly reach the scammers.

How do you avoid fraud? What does a short text message about winning the vaccine lottery look like?

First of all, check the phone number from which we received the information. If it was sent to us via email, it can be removed immediately, because TS only reports the win via SMS.

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It is also worth carefully analyzing the link and its compliance with the pattern of the messages below (show the pattern of messages from the lottery, among other things, komputerswiat.pl . portal). This link should lead to a government website gov.pl/szczepimysie/loteria. If the address is different, this is a scam attempt.

Message patterns about winning the vaccine lottery Photo: komputerswiat.pl/gov.pl

In addition, the list of winners is published with compelling data on the lottery website. So before we start filling out any form, be sure to check at this addressWhether we have already won. Any fraud attempt must be reported to the police.