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Vatican. A 10-year-old stole a meeting with the Pope. “Thank you, boy, for the lesson.” | world News

Vatican.  A 10-year-old stole a meeting with the Pope.  “Thank you, boy, for the lesson.” |  world News

(Pictures from the papal audience can be found after clicking “Open Gallery” just below the main image)

The boy – 10-year-old Paolo, who came to Rome with his family from the Italian region of Puglia – at the beginning of the audience in the Paul VI Hall, approached Pope Francis hesitantly. as describes ReutersIt did not cause the papal guards to worry.

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The Pope’s latest biography, “Francesco,” paints an intimate portrait of the extraordinary papal service.

Vatican. The 10-year-old grabbed the Pope’s hands and started jumping up and down in front of him

The boy approached the Pope, then shook his hand and began to jump with joy. Everything indicates that he does not intend to continue For now I leave the stage and I want to stay with Francesc. Sitting next to the head of papal protocol a priest Leonardo Sapienza, so he decided to vacate his seat and make it available to the boy.

The 10-year-old was moving freely on the stage – he was going up and down, while the Pope continued his work Speech. Sometimes the boy applauded, then he pointed his finger over and over to the papal white spot.

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Vatican Officials understood the hint and handed the boy the same wound. When the young man left the stage with the covers falling over his eyes, everyone in the hall applauded for him.

– These days we talk about freedom of faith, and we listen to the message to the Galatians. But what Jesus said about spontaneity and freedom came to mind childrenWhen the child was walking freely and moving as if he were at home – he said Pope Francis.

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– Jesus tells us: If you do not become like children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven. Approaching the Lord, being open to the Lord, and not being afraid of Him requires courage. I thank this kid for the lesson he gave us all. May God guide him in his limits when he grows up, because what he did came from the heart – he added.

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