July 28, 2021

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Vatican.  Harassment trial in the introductory session.  There is a proposal to sentence two priests to prison

Vatican. Harassment trial in the introductory session. There is a proposal to sentence two priests to prison

Another harassment session was held in the Vatican in St. Peter’s Basilica. Pius X Boys Preparing for Ordination. In a pending trial before the District Court, the Vatican demanded a four- and six-year prison term for two clerics. The next session will be on Friday.

Two Italian priests stand trial for sexual assault in the Vatican Chapel in St. Peter’s Basilica. Pius X has been running since last October. Currently, sessions are held in the auditorium on the grounds of the Vatican Museums, which is larger than the courtroom of the court located behind the Bronze Gate.

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The accused sits 28-year-old priest Gabriel Martinelli, who is accused of sexually assaulting a student one year younger than him, using violence and threats. When these actions were to be committed, that is, in the years 2007-2012, the current priest was the first coordinator of the activities of the inhabitants of the preliminary ring and had not yet been ordained. Painted in Como in 2017. The perpetrator and the victim were minors for part of this period. During Thursday’s hearing, Vatican justice promoter Roberto Zanotti demanded a six-year prison sentence for Martinelli.

Zanotti has filed a four-year prison sentence against former university president Ernesto Rades, 71, who is accused of concealing these acts. The rector was there for 12 years. His lawyer requests a complete acquittal of his client.

The next session will be on Friday.

“The Dean knew everything, but hid”

This is the first lawsuit for such acts in the Vatican. Teens with preschool attend church school and perform liturgical service in St. Peter’s Basilica as altar boys.

He played a major role in exposing this scandal A young Polish man named Camille J. He lived in this boarding school when he was a teenager For high school students, then he was removed from her. As he claims, he witnessed harassment there, which he reported to his superiors, but at first he was not believed. He told the author of the book published in Italy, as well as on RAI TV in 2017. This led to an investigation in the Vatican.

In recent months, during subsequent hearings Testimonies given by former students of preschool. Today, these young men told what is happening behind the walls of the building near Maria Street. run out. They said they saw Martinelli molest their colleagues at the time. “It was a bad and unsanitary environment, with strong psychological pressure and constant homosexual comments,” the 34-year-old said in his testimony, recalling his time there. And he added, “The dean knew everything, but he hid it.” He noted that it was not possible to file a complaint with him because Martinelli, who had allegedly committed the harassment, was his protégé.

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