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Veronica Rosati writes an autobiography! Will he describe his acquaintance with Weinstein?

Veronica Rosati writes an autobiography!  Will he describe his acquaintance with Weinstein?

Veronica RosatiThe daughter of economist and former MP Dariush Rosati and fashion designer Teresa Rosati has long been searching for a man worthy of starting a family with him.

Unfortunately, there were still serious obstacles, perhaps because she usually chose men who, because of their age, could be her fathers. or even as the case Andrzej Żuławskigrandfather.

The actress, who turned 38 in January, began her affair with rapper Teddy, who later stated that she was “normal” that she would put on makeup before going to bed.

She was also seen with American film mogul Harvey Weinstein, who Turned out to be a pervertaccused of sexual harassment and several rape cases.

Her relationship with journalist Marius Max Kolonko was also tumultuous. Her quarrels with Andrzej Żuławski, who is 44 years older than her, also aroused a lot of feelings, which later described in the book “Nocnik” the character of Esterka, with whom some people were associated. .

Nor did she find happiness with Piotr Adamczyk. As she later admitted in an interview, the actor turned out, unfortunately, “a lying gentleman.” As you can imagine, the others too…

But the worst is yet to come. While still Piotr’s official partner, Weronika met an orthopedic surgeon Robert Śmigielski. It was he who saved Adamczyk’s tendon, which was torn as a result of triathlon training. At that time, his acquaintance with Weronika was purely professional. They got closer to each other after Rosati and Adamczyk parted ways. Soon they moved together and I decided to have a joint child. Weronika reportedly doesn’t mind the 18-year age difference between them, or the fact that Robert has four children from previous relationships.

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Her nerves only left her when she realized there were a lot of these kids. When she counted seven, and it turned out that Elizabeth, the daughter Śmigielski had given birth to, was eight, she shared these bills with “Gala”. The interview, which took place just before Christmas, was not so good yet when Weronika decided to follow up on the hit and told on “Wysokie Obcasy” about Physical and psychological violencewhich the father of her child was supposed to use against her.

As she revealed, he physically and psychologically abused her, beat her, took money, forbade her from working, after which she gave a third interview, this time with the monthly magazine Cosmopolitan, in which she announced that she would become a solo icon. Mothers and Women in Toxic Relationships:

A few weeks ago, she gave another interview, this time with “Vivie”, in which she expressed her amazement that people are interested in her life while looking for someone who protects her privacy like her. As the angry actress admitted:

In the end it got to the point that Rosati began seriously considering writing an autobiography. When asked by Live Weekly if it was within her plans, she replied:

Well, it would surely drastically reduce the interest in her “person”….

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