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Vice President of Warsaw shows rising gas prices. But wait… I don’t think something is here

Vice President of Warsaw shows rising gas prices.  But wait... I don't think something is here

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The gas price increase for 2022 is expected to reach about 54 percent? What about an 815 percent increase?! Our municipal health clinic in 2021 paid 112,000 PLN. PLN per year. In 2022, 880 thousand are paid. zloty. Has PGNiG decided to set a new price record in Warsaw?

– wrote on Twitter Vice President of Warsaw Corporation Renata Kaznowska.

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The increase is 815% or less?

Kaznowska’s calculation methodology is not fully understood – an increase from 112 thousand. Up to 880,000 is a jump of about 685 percent, not 815 percent. However, the magnitude of the increase is still cosmic. More precisely – the “suggested increase”, since the tender in this case was canceled.

TVN24 Find out that it was one of the clinics in Ursynów and in fact it can be found on the website of this entity Information from the opening of bids, dated December 24 this year. In fact, the only offer – from PGNiG Obrót Detaliczny – reaches almost 879.4 thousand square meters. zloty. On the same day, the clinic also published Notice of cancellation of the action. You can read that the bid price exceeds the amount the contracting authority intends to spend on financing the contract. And that’s an amount… 250 thousand. Total PLN.

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In an interview with TVN24, city council spokeswoman Monica Booth-Luteck revealed that the health care center in Orsenov not only received an offer of gas supply in an amount hundreds of percent higher than in 2021. The entertainment center in Ursos, the increase is up to 390 percent.

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Gas is 54 percent more expensive. for families

According to the ERO resolution issued on December 17 of this year, gas bills for homes in 2022 will rise by about 54 percent. (Clear). For people who use only gas for stoves, this means on average “only” an additional 9 PLN per month. Worse with people who also heat water with gas (an increase of 56 PLN) and those who also heat their homes with gas (an increase of 174 PLN).

However, families will not feel these increases fully immediately. From January to March 2022, the price is part of the anti-inflation shield value added tax natural gas by 23 percent. Up to 8 percent It may be worse after the shield expires – when the value-added tax returns to its original level (the government announces it will extend the shield if necessary) – and in the following years. PGNiG has benefited from the option to spread a portion of its gas purchase costs over three years. As a result of this step, PGNiG will be able to include it in prices in the years 2023-2025.

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Your gas bill has gone up after recent increases? Write to us at [email protected]

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