July 29, 2021

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Victoria 3 - We have an official announcement ??  Paradox Studios' new strategy [Aktualizacja]

Victoria 3 – We have an official announcement ?? Paradox Studios’ new strategy [Aktualizacja]

May 21, 2021, 9 pm

Perhaps the first development journal appeared on the Paradox forum by mistake, indicating that Victoria 3 will be the new Paradox strategy. May the title be announced today? During a PDXCON event.


The leak has been confirmed. Paradox has officially announced the game Victoria 3. You can see the first trailer below.

Also appeared Production card On Steam. According to the information contained therein, in the title, it will be possible to control and implement any country in the world during the years 1836-1936. As part of the game, we will have to take care of our country’s society, its economy, and its diplomatic relations with others.

Unfortunately, So far, it is not known when Victoria 3 Debut on the market.

Original message

Today ?? The PDXCON event will begin at 20:00 CET. Two years ago during that, Paradox officially announced Crusader Kings III. What awaits us this time? We seem to know that now. “Zero ring” appeared on the Swedish company forum by mistake? The developer magazine, under which it will be its next production Victoria 3. The topic was quickly removed, but netizens were able to keep screenshots (via Reset).

Victoria CycleThe latest edition, published in 2010, makes it possible to control and lead any country in the world during the turbulent period of the early nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Tensions between states, rapid technological development, colonialism ?? Items like these and much more can be expected in the upcoming segment.

  1. Paradox Interactive Official Site
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