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Viewers are unkind to Maja Sablewska. method rate. “tasteless”

Viewers are unkind to Maja Sablewska.  method rate.  "tasteless"

In the program “10 Years Younger in 10 Days” broadcast on Polsat Cafe, she is the host of the programme Maja Sabliowska. The famous stylist invites the participants to the studio, who undergo a complete makeover of appearance under the supervision of professionals. Although the station aired only seven episodes of the fashion show, the format attracted viewers and drew a large number of fans to the receivers’ screens. On the web, netizens are actively commenting on the following the shift. They don’t hide that some method They don’t like them at all.

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Maja Šapielewska talks about collaborating with Duda

“10 years younger in 10 days.” The last episode of the program in the fire of criticism

A crowd of willing participants volunteered for television transformations. Each episode introduces viewers to two new characters. The seventh edition of the program was attended by 45-year-old Monica and 52-year-old Agnieszka. Both of them have not attracted attention with their looks for years. They were very busy with work, and the difficult family situation also forced them to do so. Although, in the end, the participants were satisfied with the changed image obtained with the help of a hairdresser, make-up artist and, of course, Maja SabliowskaNetizens had some reservations about the woman’s final look. There was an uproar on social media.

Maja, do these dresses have to look like cheap ’80s bathrobes? bad dresses. From the host, it’s like Trinny and Susannah 20 years later. Tasteless and nothing else.

Why doesn’t Maja wear those hideous dresses? God what to do with these women! Another hopeless turn.

Where do you get these ugly dresses? One lady was brave and told you the truth the dress sucked and I wanted to tell her it was okay.

A viewer’s comment referred to the sixth episode of “10 Years Younger in 10 Days”, where Ms. Jolanta was the female lead. The woman did not hide her disappointment with this transformation. She honestly admitted that what she saw in him Mirror It was unacceptable.

massacre! I don’t like myself. I really don’t like myself, – Jolanta summed up her shift.

The program causes a lot of intense emotions among viewers. However, it is difficult to meet all expectations, especially in terms of image. As you know, there are different tastes. Do you agree with the opinion of netizens?

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