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Virtualna Polska – everything is important

Virtualna Polska - everything is important

In Sequoia National Park, California, a campaign to protect trees is underway. This is where the world’s largest tree is located – General Sherman Sequoia. Firefighters at the national park said they would do everything they could to protect the precious trees.

In Sequoia National Park, California, tree conservation is underway. Firefighters in the national park took an extraordinary step to protect the giant trees.

“This is a very important area for many people, so we are doing a lot to protect this great forest,” said National Park spokeswoman Rebecca Patterson.

United States. The largest tree in the world is covered with a blanket

General Sherman Sequoia is 83 m tall and has a trunk diameter of over 9 m at the base of the cross. It is estimated to be about 2,300-2700 years old. Sherman is one in about 2,000. Redwoods growing in this California National Park.

On Friday morning, the fire spread over 11,300 acres, about a mile from the famous giant forest. In this situation, firefighters took an unusual step to protect them with fire blankets.

Crampon about the epidemic. “Anti-scientific government action”

Fire blankets are actually aluminum foil, which is used only at the base of tall trees. Aluminum foil can withstand high temperatures for short periods of time.

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