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Virus laboratories are under tighter control. Ex-politicians put pressure on the military | world News

Virus laboratories are under tighter control.  Ex-politicians put pressure on the military |  world News

This was confirmed in an interview with the BBC by Colonel Hamish de Bretton-Gordon, a former British military specializing in combating the effects of the use of weapons of mass destruction, especially biological and chemical weapons, and now a scientist. Among other things, he investigated the effects of the use of such weapons in Iraq and Syria.

“Unfortunately, I have spent a good part of my life in places where countless powers have tried to do as much harm as possible,” said the former military officer. In his view, the pandemic should make us clearly aware of the danger of new viruses in a densely populated and globalized world. Therefore, in his opinion, we must very carefully control the places where they can get out. Not only by chance, but also as a result of a person with bad intentions.

Pathogen laboratories are easy prey for terrorists, for example. Our job should be to make it as difficult to access as possible, says de Bretton-Gordon.

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A weak point in the third category

The BBC interviewee stressed the dangers of so-called category 3 laboratories. Classification of bacterial research facilities i Viruses It covers a total of four categories. The top, fourth, is very small and tightly controlled. There are about 50 of them, and there is no such laboratory in Poland. They test the most dangerous pathogens known to mankind that spread easily, are deadly and have no drugs and Vaccines.

There are already about three thousand of these in the third category in the world. They test for bacteria and viruses that are less dangerous but can cause severe illness or even death. For example, corona viruses. Now also SARS-CoV-2 According to de Bretton-Gordon, laboratories in this category are the weak link because they are subject to much weaker supervision and regulation. The current pandemic clearly shows the damage that the viruses tested in them can do.

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According to the expert, it is therefore necessary to tighten standards and controls. to a level similar to that used in chemical weapons. For example, De Bretton-Gordon notes that the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons was established on the basis of the 1997 Chemical Weapons Convention, which, inter alia, has the power to conduct inspections. In contrast, the 1975 Biological Weapons Convention has no control mechanism as it was never agreed upon.

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pressure on politicians

De Bretton-Gordon exerts pressure among British members rz ± duTo more seriously consider the control of laboratories. He hopes to be able to persuade them to bring up the topic during the upcoming G7 summit in June, the meeting of the leaders of the world’s seven most important economies. It is expected that David Petraeus, the former head of the Central Intelligence Agency and the US military general, will support him in this.

It seems to me that practically every president of the United States would be willing to support this kind of initiative. World leaders should care about this. Some countries may object to this because of their own interests, such as North Korea. However, I think the vast majority of the world would support it, General Petraeus said in an interview with the BBC.

The shock of the pandemic may already be prompting politicians to act on expert advice. Nearly 180 million people have officially been infected with the new coronavirus worldwide. 3.5 million died. However, these are only official statements and are not complete. According to the World Health Organization alone, the number of victims may reach about eight million, and this is not the end yet. The economic losses are enormous. It is difficult to find a more convincing argument in favor of tighter control over virus research. Even if we accept the assurances of the World Health Organization and China that the reason pandemic The coronavirus hasn’t actually made it out of the lab in Wuhan. Maybe it’s worth protecting yourself in case this doesn’t happen again.

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