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Vitamin drip, i.e. hangover cure in VIP version. “Promoting this method tames alcoholism” – Zdrowie Wprost

Vitamin drip, i.e. hangover cure in VIP version.  “Promoting this method tames alcoholism” - Zdrowie Wprost

The topic of vitamin drops was raised on social media by actress Julia Winiawa and Claudia Al-Dursi, who runs the “Paradise Hotel”. Specialists began sounding the alarm, pleading that the “residue drip” is designed for patients in emergency departments. Meanwhile, more and more companies are expanding their offerings with so-called rapid on-demand alcohol detoxification. This option is used not only by celebrities, but, for example, wedding guests.

The cost of managing such a drip varies from 600 PLN to more than 1,000 PLN. PLN, depending on whether the infusion is performed in the clinic or directly at the client’s home. We talk to Dr. Michai Karponic, MD, PhD, regional consultant clinical pharmacology, and assistant professor in the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology at Lodz Medical University, about the effects of injectable use.

Aleksandra Zalewska-Stankiewicz, “Wprost”: Are you surprised by the method of treating a hangover using drops?

It is undeniable that healthcare is becoming more and more a business. However, the main task of emergency medicine is to fight for the life and health of the patient. The “drops” you mentioned are a kind of rescue treatment, so it may seem that having such an offer on the market is justified. Meanwhile, its use is risky.

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