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“Voice of Poland”. Participants performed poorly due to Sylwia Grzeszczak’s fault. “Thank you”

"Voice of Poland".  Participants performed poorly due to Sylwia Grzeszczak's fault.  "Thank you"

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Justyna Steczkowska is back at TVoP Would you like to work with Doda?

Viewers of the twelfth episode of the twelfth edition “Voice of Poland” They listened to the upcoming battles. They said goodbye to the program, among other things team members Thompson and Barron. The singers from the coaches of the band went to the first fire afromental Marta Dzonkoska and Julieta Kaczynska.

You are successful and dynamic – Grzeszczak is pleased.

It’s like choosing between the sun and the moon, said Piekarczyk, who couldn’t judge which of the participants was better off.

The baron judged that you sing professionally.

However, Marta eventually remained in the band of musicians.

“Voice of Poland”. There was an interpretation of the song “Sana” on stage.

participants Siloia Grzeszczak – Iga Andrzejczak and Gisela Quiros Pardos had to face the piece sanah But jazz! Already at the rehearsal stage, it was clear that both participants had a problem with the song.

I wish I had fun, but my body wasn’t moving. (…]There is no discounted fare in any job, you have to work – Steczkowska advised.

Thompson’s judgment was roughly average.

It turned out that Grzeszczak herself, who chose the song for the girls, admitted that the Sanah song was not suitable for them.

I have to be honest, you have soft vocals, soft enough to cover you with this song. (…]Today I ate from stress – Grzeszczak’s assessment.

The coach called Iga to the next stage.

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“Voice of Poland”. Viewers criticize Siluia Grzyszak

The audience also did not like the performance and Grzeszczak’s decision to throw the participants into deep water. According to viewers, the ammunition was not selected correctly. On the fan pagePoland’s voice“boiled.

A song for the radio but not for the big theatre. Bad choice.

drama. Other fake players from Sylwia Grzeszczak.

We would like to thank Ms. Siluia. He criticizes the girls for being too cute on this song, even though she chose it for them.

This song was poorly chosen by the coach and this is another proof that Seluja Grzyszak is not a good coach.

Another week and another meatball at Grzeszczak’s. They wrote it’s a pity for the players.

Let us remind you that similar charges were brought against Siloia Grzeszak a week ago.

'Voice of Poland'This “VoP” performance will go down in history as one of the worst

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