October 18, 2021

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Po wybuchu wulkanu Nyiragongo władze Demokratycznej Republiki Konga zarządziły ewakuację miasta Goma na wschodzie kraju. Jak podała agencja Reutera, powołując się na miejscowego wulkanologa, strumień lawy dotarł już do lotniska na przedmieściach Gomy.

Volcano eruption. Lava flows towards Juma in the city of panic

After the eruption of the Nyiragongo volcano, the DRC authorities ordered the evacuation of the eastern city of Goma. According to Reuters, citing a local volcanologist, the lava flow had already reached the airport on the outskirts of Goma.

Volcano eruption in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Near a city with a population of 670 thousand. population

Nyiragongo volcano erupted on Saturday night. The sudden explosion caused panic among the people of Goma. Thousands of them have already fled the city, most of them eastward, towards the border with Rwanda.

Lava flows from the volcano south towards Goma and has reached the airport just outside the city – said volcanologist Dario Tedesco. He added that A second fracture opened in Nyiragongo.

Tedesco confirmed this Lava flows from this volcano are among the fastest in the world.

Nyiragongo is one of the most active volcanoes in the world. It is located in the Wirunga volcanic range, north of Lake Kivu in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, near the border with Rwanda, at the bottom of the Great Western Trench.

The last eruption of Nyiragongo volcano was in 2002; 250 people were killed, and 120,000 were homeless after the lava flowed into Goma.

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Nyirangongo Volcano is located near Wirunga National Park, which is home to many endangered animal species, including mountain gorillas.

Experts are concerned that the volcanic activity seen in the past five years reflects what happened in the years leading up to the 1977 and 2002 eruption, according to Reuters.